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Olivier Charles, “FOA”, 2007

Foreign Office Architects Yokohama Terminal as modelled and rendered by Olivier Charles in 3D (from just one photograph.)
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Roman Gomes, “Escaleras”, 2009

A simple render expressing vertigo, tension and confusion. By Roman Gomes
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Daniel White, “Mandelbulb 3D”, 2009

The first truly 3D fractal by Daniel White.
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Christian Kokai-Kun, “Offshore”, 2008

Kokai-Kun is interested in the expression of future forms through evolution, his latest work looks at future notions of beauty.
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Thomas Briggs, “Veils73″, 2006

Thomas Briggs describes his work as being “Discovered by exploring a variety of rule and dynamic based models for behavior. They exist on a continuum between randomness and order.”
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Harold Cohen, “Aaron’s Garden”, 1989

Aaron’s Garden, a pen and ink drawing plotted by Aaron. “Aaron” is a “personal expert system” that Harold Cohen developed for generating art. Also featured in Ray Kurzweils “age of intelligent machines”.
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Charles Csuri, “After Mondrian”, 1963

Charles Csuri’s Mondrian, undergoing random transformations according to programs created on punchcards, then output on a drum plotter.
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Peter Vogel, “Moving Lights”, 1980

A microphone, light emitting diodes, circuits and  iron wire combine in an installation that reacts to your shadow. See a “Coolhunting” interview with the artist Peter Vogel, and some interesting dancing,  here.
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Michael Najjar, “The Sublime Brain”, 2008

In this work Michael Najjar “visualizes the cartography of scanned raw fiber tracts of two human brains interacting with each other”
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GMJ, “Mind Task Manager”, 2008

GMJ’s “Mind Task Manager” is 3D rendered in the style of a desirable product shot. The screen of this future PDA provides an insight into mental the state of potential “customers”…
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