Omotesando Hills


We were lucky enough to visit Tokyo a few years ago. Whilst there we saw the amazing Omotesando Hills, a shopping centre and housing development designed by Tadao Ando. It runs along Omotesando Avenue one of Tokyo’s premier luxury shopping streets. All down the length of the Avenue the façade is made up of huge LCD panels that come alive in the evening with simple large graphic animations of people walking, ocean waves, abstract patterns or, by using image recognition technology, shadow like reflections of the Zelkova trees that line the avenue in front of the building.  The LCD ‘Bright Up Wall’ is one part of the ‘Media Ship’ concept that integrates interactive lighting effects and sound throughout the centre. Designers and artists are commissioned to create works on an ongoing basis and for special events. The scale of the wall, simple graphics and soft and soft focus effect make it truly inspiring and well worth a visit.

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