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Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Pulse, 2012

Designed for Urdaibai Art, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s installation of water-hose, 3d-printed spray-head and valve includes a pulse sensor to allow the public to water the lawns of Torra de Madariaga with their own heartbeat.
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Nicolas Boillot, 2012.03.03.22h17, 2012

A layering of fragmented movements gives Nicolas Boillot’s animated GIFs an unusual, and mesmerising, fluidity.  They are composed using software he wrote himself to create the perfect loops.
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Rune Madsen, ‘Oh Land’ Balloons, 2011

Designed as an interactive backdrop to the Danish Musician ‘Oh Land’s‘ live shows, Rune Madsen’s system records the positions of balloons before projecting imagery triggered by the band itself onto each one. Designed as an interactive backdrop to the Danish Musician “Oh Land’s” ( live shows, Rune Madsen’s system records the positions of the balloons before [...]
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Guiseppe Randazzo, Stone Fields, 2009

Each stone is the creation of Giuseppe Randazzo using code based on fractal subdivisions. The task of arranging them into these Richard Long inspired forms was the by-product of a 3D packing algorithm. Designed to only ever exist virtually, they have recently been realised with 3D printers.
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Quayola, Matter, 2012

London based Quayola’s work creates geological weight and scale from ephemeral digital polygons, and not just because it is designed to be projected on towering screens. Also check out “Forms”, commissioned for the London 2012 Olympics.
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Yoshi Sodeoka, ASCII Rock, 2003

In honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee here is Yoshi Sodeoka’s ASCII text version of The Sex Pistols:God Save The Queen.
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Jon Rafman, Franz Kline Starbucks, 2010

Jon Rafman re-textures freely available on-line 3d geometry with jpegs of famous art, creating something vibrant and new out of the juxtaposition. See below, too, for his “Jasper Johns Oval  Office”.
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Daniel Canogar, Travesias, 2010

Daniel Canogar’s 33m LED screen was commissioned for the Justus Lipsios Building of the European Union Council. The video shows people, filmed from above, walking and crawling across the surface.
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Simmons & Burke, You Can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth, 2008

When fully assembled side by side this series of 4 panels, by LA-based Simmons & Burke, measures 5m x 2m and is made up of thousands of tiny images culled from the web. The piece has an audio component incorporating  sound grabs too.
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Tim Knowles, Postal Project MK3, 2006

We have featured Tim Knowles on Wuzine before, but this earlier piece in the same series  is beautiful enough to deserve a special mention. The simple device was designed to be posted from London as blank page to arrive at the Bitforms Gallery in New York as an ink drawing recording it’s journey.
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