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3D Projection

  This bold and exciting mix of 3D animation and projection is in some ways the opposite of the quiet lyrical nature of the Ando projections at Omotesando hills (see earlier post), but inspiring nonetheless. Created by Nu-former.
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Omotesando Hills

  We were lucky enough to visit Tokyo a few years ago. Whilst there we saw the amazing Omotesando Hills, a shopping centre and housing development designed by Tadao Ando. It runs along Omotesando Avenue one of Tokyo’s premier luxury shopping streets. All down the length of the Avenue the façade is made up of huge LCD [...]
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Aaron Koblin, “The Sheep Market”, 2009

A collaborative project, 10,000 workers on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk created sheep that can be navigated here. See below for some more of Aaron Koblin’s imaginative work, including his work for Radiohead.
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Zeitguised, “Peripetics”, 2009

An inspiring animation from Zetiguised. Strange, beautiful and technically accomplished it employs scripted animation for some truly unexpected effects.
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Jean-Francois Rauzier, “Citadelle 1″, 2008

Rauzier’s “hyperphotos” are made of hundreds of individual photographs, in this case of a hotel in Paris. They are incredibly detailed and massively high resolution. Rausizer’s work is at Waterhouse and Dodd from the 25th November until 18th December.
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Fernando Hocevar, “Landscape no.03″, 2000

Fernando Hocevar creates landscapes that are simultaneously primitive and unearthly. They are peaceful and cool, beautifully layered and “deep” despite being almost free of perspective. They are given scale and atmosphere with simple touches; such as the  little squares of light in this peice, suggesting windows.
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Daniel Rozin, “Wooden Mirror”, 2003

Polished peices of wood become mechanical pixels in this work by Rozin. shade is created as they twist toward and away from the light. The installation is fed live video of the observer,  becoming a surreal, tactile mirror. The artist also notes that the motors make a soothing noise as the pixels adjust. You can see [...]
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Jorge Suarez, “LaEspera”, 2009

Jorge Suarez was inspired “When taking a picture of my son I noticed a high degree of expression in his face so I decided to try to show this emotion”. He has created this work entirely in 3D with almost no postproduction.
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CEB Reas, “Microimaget”, 2003

This is the first panel of a triptych derived from Reas’ “microimage” software. See his work also at the bitforms gallery
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GMJ, “Aerial Flood”, 2008

Combining their digital model of London with atmospheric photography  and a predicted flood of 6m, GMJ created this image of a peculiarly serene disaster. The aerial photograph is by Jason Hawkes.
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