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Charles Csuri, “After Mondrian”, 1963

Charles Csuri’s Mondrian, undergoing random transformations according to programs created on punchcards, then output on a drum plotter.
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Peter Vogel, “Moving Lights”, 1980

A microphone, light emitting diodes, circuits and  iron wire combine in an installation that reacts to your shadow. See a “Coolhunting” interview with the artist Peter Vogel, and some interesting dancing,  here.
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Michael Najjar, “The Sublime Brain”, 2008

In this work Michael Najjar “visualizes the cartography of scanned raw fiber tracts of two human brains interacting with each other”
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GMJ, “Mind Task Manager”, 2008

GMJ’s “Mind Task Manager” is 3D rendered in the style of a desirable product shot. The screen of this future PDA provides an insight into mental the state of potential “customers”…
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Tofiq, “Impulse”, 2007

While “playing with form and glass materials”, Tofiq has created something virtual that has real world scale and solidity.
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Ben Laposky, “Oscillon 4″, 1952

This is the first ever electronic artwork. Ben Laposky described his work as “a form of oscillography, the results of which I have called ‘Oscillons’ or ‘Electronic Abstractions.’ These are composed of combinations of basic electronic wave forms as displayed on a cathode ray oscilloscope and photographed.”
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