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teamLab, Flower and Corpse Glitch Set, 2014

The Japanese digital Art collective teamLab have arrayed animated imagery, in the style of Edo “superflat” paintings, over 12 linked digital frames. Free of the constraints of perspective, the result is immersive in its scale and detail. The Japanese digital Art collective teamLab have arrayed animated imagery – in the style of Edo “superflat” paintings – [...]
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Gilber Franco, Extended, 2014

Extended is the work of Art Director Gilber Franco and photographers Nino Yap, Carlos DiQuercia, Joanna Wilinska, Zean Vo and Charudutt Chitrack. In a manner reminiscent of glitch art, fashion stills are “Extended” to get the abstracted core of the subject.
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Kimchi and Chips, Light Barrier, 2014

Using the additive nature of calibrated light beams crossing, Kimchi and Chips create ephemeral 3D effects out of thin air. The impressive technical feat creates unique, haunting imagery.
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Hugo Arcier, HNN “Je Pars”, 2014

Hugo Arcier’s animation of flowing, disembodied skin is an exceptional piece of 3d modelling and texturing. The result is both beautiful and creepy.
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Takeshi Murata, Melter 3D, 2014

Takeshi Murata creates a magical beachball-sized sphere of liquid metal that ripples and rotates using projectors and strobes. A literal 3D animation.
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Casey Reas, Primatives, 2013

Building upon their set design for Yeasayer, this collaborative project between Casey Reas and experimental architects Aranda\Lasch is a mirrored sculpture containing – and reflecting – networked patterns of lights. The result plays with geometric solidity versus transparency.
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Nicolas Boillot, 2012.03.03.22h17, 2012

A layering of fragmented movements gives Nicolas Boillot’s animated GIFs an unusual, and mesmerising, fluidity.  They are composed using software he wrote himself to create the perfect loops.
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Guiseppe Randazzo, Stone Fields, 2009

Each stone is the creation of Giuseppe Randazzo using code based on fractal subdivisions. The task of arranging them into these Richard Long inspired forms was the by-product of a 3D packing algorithm. Designed to only ever exist virtually, they have recently been realised with 3D printers.
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Quayola, Matter, 2012

London based Quayola’s work creates geological weight and scale from ephemeral digital polygons, and not just because it is designed to be projected on towering screens. Also check out “Forms”, commissioned for the London 2012 Olympics.
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Jon Rafman, Franz Kline Starbucks, 2010

Jon Rafman re-textures freely available on-line 3d geometry with jpegs of famous art, creating something vibrant and new out of the juxtaposition. See below, too, for his “Jasper Johns Oval  Office”.
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