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Daniel Canogar, Travesias, 2010

Daniel Canogar’s 33m LED screen was commissioned for the Justus Lipsios Building of the European Union Council. The video shows people, filmed from above, walking and crawling across the surface.
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Simmons & Burke, You Can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth, 2008

When fully assembled side by side this series of 4 panels, by LA-based Simmons & Burke, measures 5m x 2m and is made up of thousands of tiny images culled from the web. The piece has an audio component incorporating  sound grabs too.
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Patty Kickham, “Solo Performance”, 2011

Patty Kikham’s “On Yellow” series of fractal paintings are unusually soft, fluid and deeply layered.
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John Maeda, “New3B”, 2005

See John Maeda’s work, and a lecture about his thinking, at the amazing Adobe Museum of Digital Media
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Keith Brown, “Bough”

 The digital sculptor, Keith Brown, creates his objects virtually before using solid imaging to create casts for moulding brass. The result is a hybrid digital-analogue sculpture he terms “real virtuality”  that could never be made by human hands.
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Mehmet Akten, “Reincarnation/Iatrogenesis”, 2009

  Working with the Rambert Dance Company Mehmet “Memo” Akten created software that tracks and responds to dancers’ movements, the result – in this “off-shoot film” – is hypnotic.
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Jean-Pierre Hébert, “Metagonal Spiral”, 2000

A founding member of the algorists Jean-Pierre Hébert uses a magnetically controlled ball-bearing  to etch algorithmic patterns into sand.
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Barbara Nessim, “Runway Runner”, 2009

Barbara Nessim’s distinctive graphic strength is exemplified in this her latest work. The Model Project is a series of deconstructed fashion shots (by photographer Karl Rudfill), re-assembled to juxtopose desire and commerce.
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Robert Hodgin, “Magnetic Structures”, 2007

Robert Hodgin’s work with code to simulate magnetism, usually expressed in flocking algorithms or visual effects, are rendered here into papery structures.
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Simon David Eden, “Looking for Leeuwenhoek ii”

Inspired by molecular science and quantum physics, Simon David Eden tries to express what can not be seen with the naked eye (in this case dedicated to the “Father of Microbiology” Antonie van Leeuwenhoek). These “Codagraphs” are a fusion of drawing, sclupture, photography and digital processing.
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