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Casey Reas, Primatives, 2013

Building upon their set design for Yeasayer, this collaborative project between Casey Reas and experimental architects Aranda\Lasch is a mirrored sculpture containing – and reflecting – networked patterns of lights. The result plays with geometric solidity versus transparency.
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Michael Theodore, The Ten Thousand Things, 2012

Michael Theodore’s installation of vibrantly coloured, gently swaying, projections create spaces of light. The imagery is based on the musical sequence “C-A-G-E”.
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Jon Rafman, Franz Kline Starbucks, 2010

Jon Rafman re-textures freely available on-line 3d geometry with jpegs of famous art, creating something vibrant and new out of the juxtaposition. See below, too, for his “Jasper Johns Oval  Office”.
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Jon Bailey, “Y[our-s]UKKAH”, 2010

Jon Bailey’s concept design for a Sukkah, employing generative modelling software, would project images on it’s exterior according to its interior activities using a simple system of shaped and stacked tubes. The tubes could also be used as containers for messages passed from one visitor to the next.
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Robert Graves & Didier Madoc Jones, “Protocells in Venice”, 2009

Artists Robert Graves and Didier Madoc Jones visualise the protocell research of Rachel Armstrong, using it to shore up the foundations of a sinking Venice.
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Ahmed Alireza, “Kitchen Interior 4″, 2006

A deceptively simple 3d-rendered interior by Ahmed Alireza is given richness and atmosphere by an unusual composition and the subtle effect textures have on reflected light.
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Jean-Francois Rauzier, “Voyages Extraordinaires”, 2009

Another Hyperphoto from Jean-Francois Rauzier, exemplifying his ability to create all-encompassing viewpoints. Difficult to represent on a web page, this work seems to wrap around the viewer while simultaneously being both “zoomed out” and “zoomed in”.
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Adam Martinakis, “Space With Two Suns”, 2010

Adam Martinakis’s virtual scenes could never exist in the physical world and yet seem like real, atmospheric places.
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Gilles Tran, “Fall”, 2008

Another unsettling and surreal piece from Gilles Tran. The use of unexpected diagonals gives an everyday scene an enormous twist.
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Alex Dragulescu, “Pwslineage”, 2002-2008

This peice is part of the series “Malwarez”. Comissioned by Messagelabs, Alex Dragulescu’s software creates virtual organisms in response to the effect that Worms, Trojans, Viruses and Spyware have on a computers internal systems. Below another program generates virtual buildings that respond to Spam 
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