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teamLab, Flower and Corpse Glitch Set, 2014

The Japanese digital Art collective teamLab have arrayed animated imagery, in the style of Edo “superflat” paintings, over 12 linked digital frames. Free of the constraints of perspective, the result is immersive in its scale and detail. The Japanese digital Art collective teamLab have arrayed animated imagery – in the style of Edo “superflat” paintings – [...]
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Trygve Skogrand, “Taking Flight”, 2009

Trygve Skogrand’s digital photomontages “express a longing for harmony and serene beauty”, mixing religious iconography with everyday scenes.
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Gilberto De Berardis, “G+ [# 07]“, 2010

Gilberto De Berardis digital photomanipulation creates works of elegant minimalism, almost as if created by some clever algorithmic process, but at the same time subtly textured, painterly and powerful.
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Barbara Nessim, “Runway Runner”, 2009

Barbara Nessim’s distinctive graphic strength is exemplified in this her latest work. The Model Project is a series of deconstructed fashion shots (by photographer Karl Rudfill), re-assembled to juxtopose desire and commerce.
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Thomas Demuth, “Ecce Homo 23″, 2007

Thomas Demuth has coined the term “polygonist” to describe his visceral work. Digital geometry is often expressed in un-smoothed planes and every subject is contained within a cell-like box, however the overall effect is expressive and full of life.
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Gilles Tran, “Family”, 2003

Gilles Tran, the artist, remarks this piece is “the by-product of a commissioned work for a record cover from the progressive US rock band Vox Tempus.” Painstakingly created with an open source renderer, it is oddly haunting.
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Harold Cohen, “Aaron’s Garden”, 1989

Aaron’s Garden, a pen and ink drawing plotted by Aaron. “Aaron” is a “personal expert system” that Harold Cohen developed for generating art. Also featured in Ray Kurzweils “age of intelligent machines”.
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