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Simmons & Burke, You Can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth, 2008

When fully assembled side by side this series of 4 panels, by LA-based Simmons & Burke, measures 5m x 2m and is made up of thousands of tiny images culled from the web. The piece has an audio component incorporating  sound grabs too.
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Tim Knowles, Postal Project MK3, 2006

We have featured Tim Knowles on Wuzine before, but this earlier piece in the same series  is beautiful enough to deserve a special mention. The simple device was designed to be posted from London as blank page to arrive at the Bitforms Gallery in New York as an ink drawing recording it’s journey.
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Federico Diaz, “Geometric Death Frequency-141″, 2010

Each one of nearly half a million black spheres, comprising a sculpture by Federico Diaz in the MASS MOCA, was carefully placed by algorithmically controlled robots. See below for a video on what this looked like…
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Tim Knowles, “Recorded Delivery”, 2011

This is just one of 20,000 images captured by Tim Knowles’s smart parcel as it journeyed 900 miles from London to the Isle of Barra. The carefully crafted package also contained GPS and audio recording devices and was posted with permission of the Royal Mail. See his exhibition at the Bitforms gallery in New York [...]
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Ralf Baecker, “Inverted Machine”, 2007

Ralf Baecker’s introverted sculpture reveals the mechanism of it’s calculations on it’s outer surface, in the form of motors pulling strings and weights, but keeps the solutions to itself as the output is held secretively obscured in the middle of the structure.
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Jean-Pierre Hébert, “Metagonal Spiral”, 2000

A founding member of the algorists Jean-Pierre Hébert uses a magnetically controlled ball-bearing  to etch algorithmic patterns into sand.
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3D Projection

  This bold and exciting mix of 3D animation and projection is in some ways the opposite of the quiet lyrical nature of the Ando projections at Omotesando hills (see earlier post), but inspiring nonetheless. Created by Nu-former.
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Omotesando Hills

  We were lucky enough to visit Tokyo a few years ago. Whilst there we saw the amazing Omotesando Hills, a shopping centre and housing development designed by Tadao Ando. It runs along Omotesando Avenue one of Tokyo’s premier luxury shopping streets. All down the length of the Avenue the façade is made up of huge LCD [...]
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Daniel Rozin, “Wooden Mirror”, 2003

Polished peices of wood become mechanical pixels in this work by Rozin. shade is created as they twist toward and away from the light. The installation is fed live video of the observer,  becoming a surreal, tactile mirror. The artist also notes that the motors make a soothing noise as the pixels adjust. You can see [...]
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Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, “Vozalta”, 2008

“”Voz Alta” (Loud Voice) by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is a memorial commissioned for the 40th anniversary of the student massacre in Tlatelolco. Participants who speak into a megaphone automatically control the brightness of four searchlights that relay their voice over Mexico City as quiet light flashes; tuning into 96.1FM radio allows people anywhere in the city [...]
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