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Golan Levin, “Floccugraphs”, 1999

Golan Levin’s software uses the dark and light of a photograph to effect the progress of black and white lines. They are inspired by Vik Muniz’s “Pictures in Thread”.
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Daniel Rozin, “Wooden Mirror”, 2003

Polished peices of wood become mechanical pixels in this work by Rozin. shade is created as they twist toward and away from the light. The installation is fed live video of the observer,  becoming a surreal, tactile mirror. The artist also notes that the motors make a soothing noise as the pixels adjust. You can see [...]
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Jorge Suarez, “LaEspera”, 2009

Jorge Suarez was inspired “When taking a picture of my son I noticed a high degree of expression in his face so I decided to try to show this emotion”. He has created this work entirely in 3D with almost no postproduction.
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Jose Manuel-Oli, “Existence”, 2004

Jose Manuel-Oli, the artist, notes that this  peice  is “full of clues and hidden meaning”. Remarkably it is entirely digitally painted with no 3D rendering at all.
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