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Leo Caillard, Hipster Sculptures, 2015

With excellent photography and flawless photoshop, Leo Caillard transforms classical sculptures into everyday characters.
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Kimchi and Chips, Light Barrier, 2014

Using the additive nature of calibrated light beams crossing, Kimchi and Chips create ephemeral 3D effects out of thin air. The impressive technical feat creates unique, haunting imagery.
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Takeshi Murata, Melter 3D, 2014

Takeshi Murata creates a magical beachball-sized sphere of liquid metal that ripples and rotates using projectors and strobes. A literal 3D animation.
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Casey Reas, Primatives, 2013

Building upon their set design for Yeasayer, this collaborative project between Casey Reas and experimental architects Aranda\Lasch is a mirrored sculpture containing – and reflecting – networked patterns of lights. The result plays with geometric solidity versus transparency.
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Keith Brown, “Bough”

 The digital sculptor, Keith Brown, creates his objects virtually before using solid imaging to create casts for moulding brass. The result is a hybrid digital-analogue sculpture he terms “real virtuality”  that could never be made by human hands.
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Jean-Pierre Hébert, “Metagonal Spiral”, 2000

A founding member of the algorists Jean-Pierre Hébert uses a magnetically controlled ball-bearing  to etch algorithmic patterns into sand.
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Daniel Rozin, “Wooden Mirror”, 2003

Polished peices of wood become mechanical pixels in this work by Rozin. shade is created as they twist toward and away from the light. The installation is fed live video of the observer,  becoming a surreal, tactile mirror. The artist also notes that the motors make a soothing noise as the pixels adjust. You can see [...]
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Peter Vogel, “Moving Lights”, 1980

A microphone, light emitting diodes, circuits and  iron wire combine in an installation that reacts to your shadow. See a “Coolhunting” interview with the artist Peter Vogel, and some interesting dancing,  here.
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