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Ryan Teehee, “Old City Hall”, 2010

Ryan Teehee’s deceptively simple and restrained digital collages describe extreme climate change in a cool atmospheric way. Ryan was the winner of a competion run by London’s Metro Newspaper and the Museum of  London, see his winning image here.
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Robert Graves and Didier Madoc Jones, “The Gherkin”, 2010

Robert Graves and Didier Madoc Jones’s vision of London’s “Gherkin” is part of an exhibition “Postcards from the Future” (Museum of London until February 2011 then at the National Theatre until June 2011). The artists visualise a future city altered by the effects of climate change.
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GMJ, “Aerial Flood”, 2008

Combining their digital model of London with atmospheric photography  and a predicted flood of 6m, GMJ created this image of a peculiarly serene disaster. The aerial photograph is by Jason Hawkes.
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Gilles Tran, “Family”, 2003

Gilles Tran, the artist, remarks this piece is “the by-product of a commissioned work for a record cover from the progressive US rock band Vox Tempus.” Painstakingly created with an open source renderer, it is oddly haunting.
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GMJ, “Mind Task Manager”, 2008

GMJ’s “Mind Task Manager” is 3D rendered in the style of a desirable product shot. The screen of this future PDA provides an insight into mental the state of potential “customers”…
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