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Vincent Morisset, A Way To Go, 2015

Vincent Morisset’s film is an interactive 360 degree web or Occulus Rift experience. You walk, run and jump through environments following a willowy, long limbed creature and are encouraged to “Stop and see the smallest things”.
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Leo Caillard, Hipster Sculptures, 2015

With excellent photography and flawless photoshop, Leo Caillard transforms classical sculptures into everyday characters.
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Simmons & Burke, You Can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth, 2008

When fully assembled side by side this series of 4 panels, by LA-based Simmons & Burke, measures 5m x 2m and is made up of thousands of tiny images culled from the web. The piece has an audio component incorporating  sound grabs too.
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Alessandro Bavari, “The Gate”, 2000

In this Gothic, even disturbing, series Alessandro Robavari creates a kind of Hieronymous Bosch view of Soddom and Gomorrah. A digital combination of painting and photography that is somehow even more powerful for being monotone, emphasing deep textures and ethereal lighting.
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Trygve Skogrand, “Taking Flight”, 2009

Trygve Skogrand’s digital photomontages “express a longing for harmony and serene beauty”, mixing religious iconography with everyday scenes.
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Mariano Petit de Murat, “Fading Heart”, 2010

Mariano Petit de Murat digitally manipulates photography but his craftsmanship makes the process almost transparent. His work seems solid, realistic and dreamlike at the same time.
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Mehmet Akten, “Reincarnation/Iatrogenesis”, 2009

¬† Working with the Rambert Dance Company Mehmet “Memo” Akten created software that tracks and responds to dancers’ movements, the result – in this “off-shoot film” – is hypnotic.
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Jean-Francois Rauzier, “Voyages Extraordinaires”, 2009

Another Hyperphoto from Jean-Francois Rauzier, exemplifying his ability to create all-encompassing viewpoints. Difficult to represent on a web page, this work seems to wrap around the viewer while simultaneously being both “zoomed out” and “zoomed in”.
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Adam Martinakis, “Space With Two Suns”, 2010

Adam Martinakis’s virtual scenes could never exist in the physical world and yet seem like real, atmospheric places.
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Thomas Demuth, “Ecce Homo 23″, 2007

Thomas Demuth has coined the term “polygonist” to describe his visceral work. Digital geometry is often expressed in un-smoothed planes and every subject is contained within a cell-like box, however the overall effect is expressive and full of life.
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