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Gilles Tran, “Fall”, 2008

Another unsettling and surreal piece from Gilles Tran. The use of unexpected diagonals gives an everyday scene an enormous twist.
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Alex Dragulescu, “Pwslineage”, 2002-2008

This peice is part of the series “Malwarez”. Comissioned by Messagelabs, Alex Dragulescu’s software creates virtual organisms in response to the effect that Worms, Trojans, Viruses and Spyware have on a computers internal systems. Below another program generates virtual buildings that respond to Spam 
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Jean-Francois Rauzier, “Citadelle 1″, 2008

Rauzier’s “hyperphotos” are made of hundreds of individual photographs, in this case of a hotel in Paris. They are incredibly detailed and massively high resolution. Rausizer’s work is at Waterhouse and Dodd from the 25th November until 18th December.
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Roman Gomes, “Escaleras”, 2009

A simple render expressing vertigo, tension and confusion. By Roman Gomes
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Christian Kokai-Kun, “Offshore”, 2008

Kokai-Kun is interested in the expression of future forms through evolution, his latest work looks at future notions of beauty.
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