Sandrine Estrade Boulet, “The Arrest”, 2011

Sandrine Estrade Boulet_The arrest_2011

Sandrine Estrade Boulet takes photographs from the streets of Paris and manipulates them digitally on her computer creating lyrical – and amusing – virtual grafitti.

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Federico Diaz, “Geometric Death Frequency-141″, 2010

Federico Diaz 2010

Each one of nearly half a million black spheres, comprising a sculpture by Federico Diaz in the MASS MOCA, was carefully placed by algorithmically controlled robots. See below for a video on what this looked like…

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Alessandro Bavari, “The Gate”, 2000

alessandro bavari_the gate_2000

In this Gothic, even disturbing, series Alessandro Robavari creates a kind of Hieronymous Bosch view of Soddom and Gomorrah. A digital combination of painting and photography that is somehow even more powerful for being monotone, emphasing deep textures and ethereal lighting.

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Patty Kickham, “Solo Performance”, 2011

Patty Kickham_Solo Performance_2011

Patty Kikham’s “On Yellow” series of fractal paintings are unusually soft, fluid and deeply layered.

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Tim Knowles, “Recorded Delivery”, 2011

Tim Knowles_recorded delivery_01_2011

This is just one of 20,000 images captured by Tim Knowles’s smart parcel as it journeyed 900 miles from London to the Isle of Barra. The carefully crafted package also contained GPS and audio recording devices and was posted with permission of the Royal Mail. See his exhibition at the Bitforms gallery in New York until 27th May 2011, click below for a picture of the ingenious parcel itself. Read More »

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John Maeda, “New3B”, 2005

John Maeda_New3B_2005

See John Maeda’s work, and a lecture about his thinking, at the amazing Adobe Museum of Digital Media

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Trygve Skogrand, “Taking Flight”, 2009

Trygve Skogrand_Taking Flight_2009

Trygve Skogrand’s digital photomontages “express a longing for harmony and serene beauty”, mixing religious iconography with everyday scenes.

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Ralf Baecker, “Inverted Machine”, 2007

ralf baecker_inverted machine_01_2007

Ralf Baecker’s introvertedĀ sculpture reveals the mechanism of it’s calculations on it’s outer surface, in the form of motors pulling strings and weights, but keeps the solutions to itself as the output is held secretively obscured in the middle of the structure.

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Gilberto De Berardis, “G+ [# 07]“, 2010

Gilberto De Berardis_G07_2010

Gilberto De Berardis digital photomanipulation creates works of elegant minimalism, almost as if created by some clever algorithmic process, but at the same time subtly textured, painterly and powerful.
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Mariano Petit de Murat, “Fading Heart”, 2010

Mariano Petit de Murat_fading heart_2010

Mariano Petit de Murat digitally manipulates photography but his craftsmanship makes the process almost transparent. His work seems solid, realistic and dreamlike at the same time. Read More »

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