Keith Brown, “Bough”

Keith Brown_Bough

 The digital sculptor, Keith Brown, creates his objects virtually before using solid imaging to create casts for moulding brass. The result is a hybrid digital-analogue sculpture he terms “real virtuality”  that could never be made by human hands.

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Jon Bailey, “Y[our-s]UKKAH”, 2010

Jon Bailey_Y[our-s]UKKAH_01_2010

Jon Bailey’s concept design for a Sukkah, employing generative modelling software, would project images on it’s exterior according to its interior activities using a simple system of shaped and stacked tubes. The tubes could also be used as containers for messages passed from one visitor to the next.

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Ryan Teehee, “Old City Hall”, 2010

Ryan Teehee_Old City Hall_2010

Ryan Teehee’s deceptively simple and restrained digital collages describe extreme climate change in a cool atmospheric way. Ryan was the winner of a competion run by London’s Metro Newspaper and the Museum of  London, see his winning image here.

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Robert Graves and Didier Madoc Jones, “The Gherkin”, 2010

‘The Gherkin’

Robert Graves and Didier Madoc Jones’s vision of London’s “Gherkin” is part of an exhibition “Postcards from the Future” (Museum of London until February 2011 then at the National Theatre until June 2011). The artists visualise a future city altered by the effects of climate change.

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Daniel Brown, “Dress Me Up In 360″, 2010

daniel brown_dress me up in 360_2010

Visit Daniel Brown’s “Play-Create” site for fascinating (and occasionally cheeky) interactive artworks, including a clock that allows you to see the volume of hours passed in a day as a proportion of the whole day, and this one which lets you dress a spinning model in a variety of outfits…

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Mehmet Akten, “Reincarnation/Iatrogenesis”, 2009


Working with the Rambert Dance Company Mehmet “Memo” Akten created software that tracks and responds to dancers’ movements, the result – in this “off-shoot film” – is hypnotic.

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Jean-Pierre Hébert, “Metagonal Spiral”, 2000

585_jean-pierre hebert_metagonal spiral_2000

A founding member of the algorists Jean-Pierre Hébert uses a magnetically controlled ball-bearing  to etch algorithmic patterns into sand.

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Barbara Nessim, “Runway Runner”, 2009

Barbara Nessim_Runway Runner_2009

Barbara Nessim’s distinctive graphic strength is exemplified in this her latest work. The Model Project is a series of deconstructed fashion shots (by photographer Karl Rudfill), re-assembled to juxtopose desire and commerce. Read More »

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Golan Levin, “Floccugraphs”, 1999

585_Golan Levin_floccugraph_1_1999

Golan Levin’s software uses the dark and light of a photograph to effect the progress of black and white lines. They are inspired by Vik Muniz’s “Pictures in Thread”. Read More »

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Robert Graves & Didier Madoc Jones, “Protocells in Venice”, 2009

585_991_Venice Rev C_2010

Artists Robert Graves and Didier Madoc Jones visualise the protocell research of Rachel Armstrong, using it to shore up the foundations of a sinking Venice. Read More »

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