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We are seeking out beautiful, inspiring, innovative and digital work to publish on wuzine. If you have work you’d like to see published here then we’d be delighted to have a look.

Wuzine is a great place to build awareness of you work and ideas and we are busy making sure more and more people get to know and visit us.

If you have a project you believe meets our criteria, just email us some good quality jpegs (minimum 450 x 450 pixels), as well as a short piece of text describing the work and a link to your web site or gallery where appropriate.

Please don’t send PDF documents or large files as everything is published online and so the images do not need to be huge.

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We do not pay for images or photography but do provide credits, links and full copyright details where appropriate. We believe that  publication on Wuzine is a good way to promote your work and may lead to commissions or work from other sources.

Note: We believe in freedom of speech, but we understand that sometimes comments can upset artists and creators who send us their work. We moderate comments to keep them reasonable but we might not always spot offending remarks and mistakes. If you have submitted work and feel comments are unreasonable or rude then let us know and we’ll take action.

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If a claim is made that someone else owns all or part of the intellectual property rights in the content, we will look into this and where necessary remove the content from our website. In these situations if any costs are incurred we might seek compensation from you.

We are free to publish content submit by you to us in whole or part on this website.

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