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Guiseppe Randazzo, Stone Fields, 2009

Each stone is the creation of Giuseppe Randazzo using code based on fractal subdivisions. The task of arranging them into these Richard Long inspired forms was the by-product of a 3D packing algorithm. Designed to only ever exist virtually, they have recently been realised with 3D printers.
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Federico Diaz, “Geometric Death Frequency-141″, 2010

Each one of nearly half a million black spheres, comprising a sculpture by Federico Diaz in the MASS MOCA, was carefully placed by algorithmically controlled robots. See below for a video on what this looked like…
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Patty Kickham, “Solo Performance”, 2011

Patty Kikham’s “On Yellow” series of fractal paintings are unusually soft, fluid and deeply layered.
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John Maeda, “New3B”, 2005

See John Maeda’s work, and a lecture about his thinking, at the amazing Adobe Museum of Digital Media
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Mehmet Akten, “Reincarnation/Iatrogenesis”, 2009

  Working with the Rambert Dance Company Mehmet “Memo” Akten created software that tracks and responds to dancers’ movements, the result – in this “off-shoot film” – is hypnotic.
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Jean-Pierre Hébert, “Metagonal Spiral”, 2000

A founding member of the algorists Jean-Pierre Hébert uses a magnetically controlled ball-bearing  to etch algorithmic patterns into sand.
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Herbert W Franke, “Lightforms 1″, 1953-55

These early algorithmic visualisations by Herbert W Franke (in partnership with Andreas Hubner) were coincidentally created at the same time as Ben Laposky’s, employing the same technique of photographing oscilloscope traces
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Alex Dragulescu, “Pwslineage”, 2002-2008

This peice is part of the series “Malwarez”. Comissioned by Messagelabs, Alex Dragulescu’s software creates virtual organisms in response to the effect that Worms, Trojans, Viruses and Spyware have on a computers internal systems. Below another program generates virtual buildings that respond to Spam 
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