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Patty Kickham, “Solo Performance”, 2011

Patty Kikham’s “On Yellow” series of fractal paintings are unusually soft, fluid and deeply layered.
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John Maeda, “New3B”, 2005

See John Maeda’s work, and a lecture about his thinking, at the amazing Adobe Museum of Digital Media
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Mehmet Akten, “Reincarnation/Iatrogenesis”, 2009

  Working with the Rambert Dance Company Mehmet “Memo” Akten created software that tracks and responds to dancers’ movements, the result – in this “off-shoot film” – is hypnotic.
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Golan Levin, “Floccugraphs”, 1999

Golan Levin’s software uses the dark and light of a photograph to effect the progress of black and white lines. They are inspired by Vik Muniz’s “Pictures in Thread”.
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Robert Hodgin, “Magnetic Structures”, 2007

Robert Hodgin’s work with code to simulate magnetism, usually expressed in flocking algorithms or visual effects, are rendered here into papery structures.
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Alex Dragulescu, “Pwslineage”, 2002-2008

This peice is part of the series “Malwarez”. Comissioned by Messagelabs, Alex Dragulescu’s software creates virtual organisms in response to the effect that Worms, Trojans, Viruses and Spyware have on a computers internal systems. Below another program generates virtual buildings that respond to Spam 
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Aaron Koblin, “The Sheep Market”, 2009

A collaborative project, 10,000 workers on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk created sheep that can be navigated here. See below for some more of Aaron Koblin’s imaginative work, including his work for Radiohead.
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CEB Reas, “Microimaget”, 2003

This is the first panel of a triptych derived from Reas’ “microimage” software. See his work also at the bitforms gallery
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James Paterson, “untitled”, 2005

Paterson’s hand sketches form the pool from which he creates his works, assembling them with the aid of software, also of his own creation. Bitforms describes the results as resembling “a graffiti that seems to write itself.”
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Daniel White, “Mandelbulb 3D”, 2009

The first truly 3D fractal by Daniel White.
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