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Tim Knowles, “Recorded Delivery”, 2011

This is just one of 20,000 images captured by Tim Knowles’s smart parcel as it journeyed 900 miles from London to the Isle of Barra. The carefully crafted package also contained GPS and audio recording devices and was posted with permission of the Royal Mail. See his exhibition at the Bitforms gallery in New York [...]
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Daniel White, “Mandelbulb 3D”, 2009

The first truly 3D fractal by Daniel White.
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Harold Cohen, “Aaron’s Garden”, 1989

Aaron’s Garden, a pen and ink drawing plotted by Aaron. “Aaron” is a “personal expert system” that Harold Cohen developed for generating art. Also featured in Ray Kurzweils “age of intelligent machines”.
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Charles Csuri, “After Mondrian”, 1963

Charles Csuri’s Mondrian, undergoing random transformations according to programs created on punchcards, then output on a drum plotter.
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Ben Laposky, “Oscillon 4″, 1952

This is the first ever electronic artwork. Ben Laposky described his work as “a form of oscillography, the results of which I have called ‘Oscillons’ or ‘Electronic Abstractions.’ These are composed of combinations of basic electronic wave forms as displayed on a cathode ray oscilloscope and photographed.”
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