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Leo Caillard, Hipster Sculptures, 2015

With excellent photography and flawless photoshop, Leo Caillard transforms classical sculptures into everyday characters.
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Gilber Franco, Extended, 2014

Extended is the work of Art Director Gilber Franco and photographers Nino Yap, Carlos DiQuercia, Joanna Wilinska, Zean Vo and Charudutt Chitrack. In a manner reminiscent of glitch art, fashion stills are “Extended” to get the abstracted core of the subject.
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Sandrine Estrade Boulet, “The Arrest”, 2011

Sandrine Estrade Boulet takes photographs from the streets of Paris and manipulates them digitally on her computer creating lyrical – and amusing – virtual grafitti.
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Alessandro Bavari, “The Gate”, 2000

In this Gothic, even disturbing, series Alessandro Robavari creates a kind of Hieronymous Bosch view of Soddom and Gomorrah. A digital combination of painting and photography that is somehow even more powerful for being monotone, emphasing deep textures and ethereal lighting.
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Trygve Skogrand, “Taking Flight”, 2009

Trygve Skogrand’s digital photomontages “express a longing for harmony and serene beauty”, mixing religious iconography with everyday scenes.
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Gilberto De Berardis, “G+ [# 07]“, 2010

Gilberto De Berardis digital photomanipulation creates works of elegant minimalism, almost as if created by some clever algorithmic process, but at the same time subtly textured, painterly and powerful.
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Mariano Petit de Murat, “Fading Heart”, 2010

Mariano Petit de Murat digitally manipulates photography but his craftsmanship makes the process almost transparent. His work seems solid, realistic and dreamlike at the same time.
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Ryan Teehee, “Old City Hall”, 2010

Ryan Teehee’s deceptively simple and restrained digital collages describe extreme climate change in a cool atmospheric way. Ryan was the winner of a competion run by London’s Metro Newspaper and the Museum of  London, see his winning image here.
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Robert Graves and Didier Madoc Jones, “The Gherkin”, 2010

Robert Graves and Didier Madoc Jones’s vision of London’s “Gherkin” is part of an exhibition “Postcards from the Future” (Museum of London until February 2011 then at the National Theatre until June 2011). The artists visualise a future city altered by the effects of climate change.
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Barbara Nessim, “Runway Runner”, 2009

Barbara Nessim’s distinctive graphic strength is exemplified in this her latest work. The Model Project is a series of deconstructed fashion shots (by photographer Karl Rudfill), re-assembled to juxtopose desire and commerce.
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