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Takeshi Murata, Melter 3D, 2014

Takeshi Murata creates a magical beachball-sized sphere of liquid metal that ripples and rotates using projectors and strobes. A literal 3D animation.
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Guiseppe Randazzo, Stone Fields, 2009

Each stone is the creation of Giuseppe Randazzo using code based on fractal subdivisions. The task of arranging them into these Richard Long inspired forms was the by-product of a 3D packing algorithm. Designed to only ever exist virtually, they have recently been realised with 3D printers.
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Quayola, Matter, 2012

London based Quayola’s work creates geological weight and scale from ephemeral digital polygons, and not just because it is designed to be projected on towering screens. Also check out “Forms”, commissioned for the London 2012 Olympics.
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Jon Rafman, Franz Kline Starbucks, 2010

Jon Rafman re-textures freely available on-line 3d geometry with jpegs of famous art, creating something vibrant and new out of the juxtaposition. See below, too, for his “Jasper Johns Oval  Office”.
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Robert Graves and Didier Madoc Jones, “The Gherkin”, 2010

Robert Graves and Didier Madoc Jones’s vision of London’s “Gherkin” is part of an exhibition “Postcards from the Future” (Museum of London until February 2011 then at the National Theatre until June 2011). The artists visualise a future city altered by the effects of climate change.
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Robert Graves & Didier Madoc Jones, “Protocells in Venice”, 2009

Artists Robert Graves and Didier Madoc Jones visualise the protocell research of Rachel Armstrong, using it to shore up the foundations of a sinking Venice.
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Adam Martinakis, “Space With Two Suns”, 2010

Adam Martinakis’s virtual scenes could never exist in the physical world and yet seem like real, atmospheric places.
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Thomas Demuth, “Ecce Homo 23″, 2007

Thomas Demuth has coined the term “polygonist” to describe his visceral work. Digital geometry is often expressed in un-smoothed planes and every subject is contained within a cell-like box, however the overall effect is expressive and full of life.
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Gilles Tran, “Fall”, 2008

Another unsettling and surreal piece from Gilles Tran. The use of unexpected diagonals gives an everyday scene an enormous twist.
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