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Robert Graves & Didier Madoc Jones, “Protocells in Venice”, 2009

Artists Robert Graves and Didier Madoc Jones visualise the protocell research of Rachel Armstrong, using it to shore up the foundations of a sinking Venice.
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Simon David Eden, “Looking for Leeuwenhoek ii”

Inspired by molecular science and quantum physics, Simon David Eden tries to express what can not be seen with the naked eye (in this case dedicated to the “Father of Microbiology” Antonie van Leeuwenhoek). These “Codagraphs” are a fusion of drawing, sclupture, photography and digital processing.
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Michael Najjar, “The Sublime Brain”, 2008

In this work Michael Najjar “visualizes the cartography of scanned raw fiber tracts of two human brains interacting with each other”
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Ben Laposky, “Oscillon 4″, 1952

This is the first ever electronic artwork. Ben Laposky described his work as “a form of oscillography, the results of which I have called ‘Oscillons’ or ‘Electronic Abstractions.’ These are composed of combinations of basic electronic wave forms as displayed on a cathode ray oscilloscope and photographed.”
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